Plastic Supplies Dudley Limited (PSD Ltd) is one of the most established manufacturing companies in the UK. Specialising in plastic injection moulding services, our company has been producing products for businesses all over the country for over fifty years.

Founded in 1969, our family business has continued to evolve alongside the industries it services. From the automotive industry through to cleaning equipment and heating and ventilation, our capabilities are second to none.

Our extensive experience, coupled with our commitment to providing high-quality automotive refinishing products, has earned us a reputation as a trusted partner. Additionally, with our expertise, we can work closely with your business to determine the right approach to meet your plastic manufacturing requirements.

As a company striving to become more environmentally responsible, recycled plastic injection moulding is something that we are proud to offer here at Plastic Supplies Dudley.

Environmental Responsibility

Businesses are under more pressure than ever to look at their impact on the environment. Every business (and individual) has a responsibility to protect the environment. Therefore, it is imperative that we look for new ways to improve our processes. In addition, be as environmentally friendly as we can.

In the manufacturing sector, the pressure is even higher to look for alternative processes that reduce carbon footprints. Consequently, paving the way for smaller sectors to follow. Using recycled plastic for injection moulding is a way to improve the processes. Not only for our business, but the manufacturers and OEMs that rely on our plastic injection facilities to manufacture their products.

What is recycled plastic injection moulding?

Recycled plastic injection moulding is the act of using recycled plastics for injection moulding operations. At Plastic Supplies Dudley, we use as much of our scrap products as possible as opposed to disposing of it. Either the scraps are:

  • granulated and sent straight back into our facilities to be used for remoulding,
  • or they are sent to a recycling company.

By taking this approach with our sprues and scraps, we can reduce the amount of waste we are producing as a company. But, we are also reducing the amount of waste that is being produced on the behalf of our clients’ businesses too.

Alongside repurposing our own plastic waste, we do also buy in reprocessed and recycled plastic materials to work with, such as polypropylene and nylons. We try to focus primarily on recycling our own waste to ensure that we know exactly what is going back into our injection moulding facilities.

The Benefits of Recycled Plastic Injection Moulding

There are many benefits to using recycled plastics for plastic injection moulding such as:

Minimising Our Own Waste

The recycled plastic scraps are used to mould more parts. Therefore, it helps us to minimise the waste we are producing.

Minimising the Waste of Manufacturing Companies

Alongside reducing our own plastic waste, we can also reduce the amount of waste that is produced on behalf of businesses. For instance, manufacturers and OEMs who are using our plastic injection moulding services.

Keeping Costs Low

Commercially, we are able to reduce the amount of money being spent on purchasing raw materials. As a result of this, we can afford to keep our plastic injection moulding costs low and competitive.

Meeting Consumer Demands

Research shows that 4 out of 5 consumers prefer brands that have a positive approach to environmental sustainability. With this in mind, Manufacturers using recycled materials are likely to be more successful than those who don’t.

Looking for plastic part manufacturing companies in the UK?

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