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50+ years' experience

ISO 9001 and 14001 certified

Family Business - 3 generations

UK Based Company

Here at Plastic Supplies Dudley Ltd, we currently have a wide range of modern, energy efficient machines, many of which are fitted with 3 axis robots or sprue pickers.

This enables us to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even without staff on site. The majority of our machines are also fitted with ancillary equipment that allows us to granulate and recycle any sprues and scrap mouldings straight away and reuse the material in the next few shots.

This massively reduces the amount of waste that we produce, as well as managing to keep our costs low with less material needing to be purchased.

Machines sizes start at 55 tonnes and go up to 500 tonnes. This means that we are able to produce parts that range from 1g up to 2.3kg in weight.

MachineTonnesShot Weight (g)Tie Bars (mm)
Negri Bossi5584310 X 280
Negri Bossi70109315 X 360
Borche80153360 X 360
Borche120225410 X 410
Negri Bossi130245460 X 410
Negri Bossi180491530 X 460
Borche260800575 X 575
Negri Bossi270760665 X 665
Sandretto3801250650 X 650
Bole4601931810 X 760
Borche5002267830 X 800