Leading Plastic Injection Moulders in the UK

With our modern range of plastic injection moulding machines in UK, we stand ahead of the competition in the quality of products offered.

50+ years' experience

ISO 9001 and 14001 certified

Family Business - 3 generations

UK Based Company


From design and tooling to assembly and packaging, we can help with all your plastic injection moulding requirements.

We’re always looking at new technology to enable us to keep prices as low as possible.


The majority of thermoplastics can be processed through injection moulding. Plastics are a very unique group of materials but they exist in many different physical forms. They range from very soft and flexible to very hard and rigid and can be made in pretty much any colour you would like.

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Plastic Supplies Dudley Ltd are one of the leading plastic injection moulders in the country, centrally located in the West Midlands within minutes of the motorway network.

Benefits of Injection Moulding

  • Fast Process
  • High Quality Parts
  • Wide Range of Materials
  • Can be used as metal replacement
  • Consistent product
  • Minimal waste
  • Can be recycled

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