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Polypropylene is a polymer made from a combination of propylene monomers.

It is used in a wide range of products such as parts for the automotive industry, packaging for consumer goods and in textiles.

It has a relatively slippery surface which means it can possibly be used as an alternative to Acetal (POM) in low friction products like gears.

The negative aspect of being a slippery surface is that it makes it a very difficult material to bond to.

There are very few glues around which will bond to this material, so in some cases it is better to weld in the event that a join is necessary.

A major benefit of Polypropylene is that it can be used as a living hinge.

This is where you can mould extremely thin pieces of plastic that can bend without breaking. These would not be used for structural applications, but are useful in products such as shampoo bottle caps.