Heating and Ventilation

50+ years' experience

ISO 9001 and 14001 certified

Family Business - 3 generations

UK Based Company

One of our longest standing customers is a heating and ventilation company that have grown massively over the past 30 years while working with us.

We produce a range of knobs and cogs to enable the vents to open and close. Injection moulding is perfect for their components due to the high volume of parts they use, with their systems being used in a wide range of new build buildings such as offices, schools, medical facilities and restaurants.

As the components they use need to be hard wearing, as well as needing to be able to move over each other with ease, we use a variety of different materials for different components such as acetal for its self-lubricating properties, and glass filled nylons for their strengths.

We have also recently helped develop a new handle which is made from the highest level fire resistant material.

This has been developed due to new regulations in building works.
The material has been chosen so that, if there is a fire in the building, the handle will not melt and drip on anybody causing a burn.