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Family Business - 3 generations

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Automotive aftermarket Specialists: Established in 1969, Plastic Supplies Dudley began as a automotive refinishing manufacturer with just one product: the plastic body filler spreader. Today, over 50 years later, we send our products all across the globe, supplying companies with a range of automotive refinishing supplies. Take a look at our top products we offer.

Body filler spreaders

Plastic Supplies Dudley Ltd have been the main manufacturer of body filler spreaders in the UK for over 50 years. We have a range of sizes with various finishes. The Standard spreader can also be personalised with your company logo and contact information. We sell all sizes in bulk, or we can pack the standard and the jumbo sizes in bags of 10. All products are made from polypropylene and can be made in a range of colours.
NameSize (mm)
Micro spreader70 x 38
Mini spreader85 x 41
Standard spreader105 x 70
Jumbo spreader110 x 100
Standard R (rounded edge)105 x 70
Serrated edge105 x 70

Overclosure lids

We produce a range of different size over closure lids that are used for the tins of body filler that our spreaders go into.

These range in size from a 4” lid to fit on a 1 litre tin, up to a 7” lid.

We also produce a dome 1 litre lid, as well as a 65mm aerosol cap. All products are made from polypropylene and can be made in a range of colours.

Mixing Sticks

To complement the other products we produce for the car repair and refinish industry, we also produce two different types of paint mixing sticks. One is a solid, fairly flexible stick, and the other is a more rigid stick, but with holes down the centre to allow the paint to flow through. Both are reusable if cleaned after use.

Putty Knife

This product is used in repair leaks on industrial pipes. It is used to apply composite repair products to cracks in the pipework. We are able to customise this product with your company name embossed on the knife by changing the insert in the tooling. There is a one-off fee for an insert to be made.


We produce a range of different size wedges for the glass reinforced products industry. These are used to help the customer release their products from the moulds.

They are mainly used in the marine industry for when they are making the shells of boats as they can help release the finished product without causing damage to the “Gelcoat”. We make a softer black version, and a stiffer yellow version depending on what it is to be used for.

The sizes that we produce are:

  • Mini Wedge – 95mm x 35mm
  • Small Wedge – 125mm x 55mm
  • Large Wedge – 175mm x 75mm
  • Long Wedge – 210mm x 35mm

Mixing Board

Another product that we produce for the car repair and refinish industry is a mixing board. It is designed to be held easily in one hand, while using the other hand to apply the body filler to the car. The size of the mixing board is 30cm x 22.5cm and is made out of polypropylene.