50+ years' experience

ISO 9001 and 14001 certified

Family Business - 3 generations

UK Based Company

Everyone these days is looking to maximise their outdoor space to its greatest potential.

Our customer is one of the leading companies in the United Kingdom that produces composite decking board, that actually look like real wooden planks. These are much longer lasting than standard wood, so they needed a premium product to help support the boards that would last just as long.

We produce a subframe support pedestal system that the framework is laid on top of. It is a fully adjustable system with various parts to make it as high or as low as the customer needs. There are 7 different components that all fit together in different ways, all made out of a recycled 30% glass filled nylon that can withstand temperatures from the coldest winters to the hottest summers, meaning the product can be used all over the world without any issues.

As well as the pedestal, we also produce a complimentary product for when the decking is being fitted.

This is an adjustable drill jig which can be made smaller or bigger depending on the size of the board that is being used.

It is designed to drill the holes in to the boards at a certain angle so they are not able to be seen once fitted. The customer has designed their boards to be self healing so when a screw is inserted at the correct angle, the skin of the board will cover up the head of the screw. If it is not inserted at the correct angle, then over time the screw will begin to be visible again.