Since the announcement of Brexit back in 2017, there has been a steady growth of work reshoring back to the United Kingdom from abroad. Reshoring is the process of bringing back the production and manufacturing of their goods from the locations they originally offshored to.

There are many reasons as to why companies are deciding to bring their work back but mainly it comes down to these few factors:

Cost –

The cost of products isn’t as cheap as it once was. Since the UK has left the EU, there is now more tariffs on bringing products into the country which has sent the prices soaring. There have also been wage increases in Asia which means the price of goods are not as competitive as they once were.

Lead times –

The lead times on all goods from abroad have been increasing slowly. This hasn’t just been an issue with goods coming in from abroad as we have recently had a shortage of HGV drivers in the UK, but we are finding more and more that goods are getting held up at customs a lot longer now we are out of the European Union. Customers are also not wanting to wait up to 6 weeks for their goods to be delivered on the water from Asia when the price is not much different to what they can get in the UK.

Made in Britain –

Customers are wanting to see more and more that their product has been made in Britain. This partly gives customers satisfaction that it has been made to a high standard, as well as people trying to be more eco conscious buy trying to purchase products with a lower carbon footprint.

At Plastic Supplies Dudley Ltd, we have seen a number of products come to us that have previously been manufactured abroad such as protective corners and gear cogs. We have also seen past customers come back to us to purchase our own products who sourced products abroad to get them cheaper. We are not always providing a cheaper product, but we can guarantee that the lead time will be much less if they purchase from us.

If you are looking at reshoring your plastic moulding, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will do whatever we can to help you.