Body filler spreaders can be the ultimate difference between a hassle-free and smooth car body resurfacing or a bodge job. As a body filler spreaders supplier, we understand the complexity of filler consistencies, which is why we strive to produce products that offer complete compatibility.

For over 50 years, Plastic Supplies Dudley Ltd has perfected our processes in the automotive industry, providing high-quality moulding services and top-of-the-line automotive refinishing products. Our expertise extends to customising our large filler spreaders according to our client’s unique requirements, making them an essential component in any successful automotive project.

In today’s article, we’re going to take a closer look into filler spreaders to understand why body shops require these nifty components for a successful project.

What is body filler?

Before we depict why large filler spreaders are so essential, it’s important to understand why automotive refinishers require them. Generally speaking, body filler spreaders are polyester resin that contains cream hardeners. When combined, they create a putty-like consistency used to restore a vehicle’s bodywork to a smooth and damage-free state. While body filler is only suitable for minor damage, it effectively revives vehicles after an accident.

What are body filler spreaders?

When rectifying damages on painted surfaces, body fillers require immaculate distribution for a perfect outcome. A large filler spreader works to evenly administer the filler across the surface. Therefore, ensuring all cracks and dents are filled seamlessly. Here at Plastic Supplies Dudley, we pride ourselves on using polypropylene for all of our spreaders.

Polypropylene, a polymer composed of propylene monomers, finds wide application in the automotive industry, packaging, and textiles. Due to its slightly slippery texture, it is often suitable as an alternative to Acetal in lower friction areas such as gearboxes. By producing our body filler spreaders in polypropylene, we are giving you durability and flexibility for ease of use.

Why choose Plastic Supplies Dudley?

As a renowned body filler spreaders supplier, here at Plastic Supplies Dudley LTD, we have advanced our manufacturing methods over the years to meet our customers’ every need. We are able to cater to a range of sizes and various finishes, depending on the purpose of your filler spreaders. For instance, if you’re focusing on larger four-by-four vehicles, you may find further convenience from larger spreading power.

We can personalise our standard spreaders with your business’s logo, contact information, and brand colors, which is popular among companies striving to maintain a professional image. This is vastly popular for companies that strive to upkeep a level of professionalism. All of our spreader sizes can be produced to batch sizes determined by you. However, we do also offer the option of providing you with bags of 10 in both the standard and jumbo sizes.

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Here at Plastic Supplies Dudley Ltd understand that every business has different needs. So, we always make it our mission to meet them. Our expertise lies in delivering top-notch moulding services to diverse industries, while provide premium automotive refinishing products. Plastic filler spreaders are essential for every body shop. We guarantee they will instantly optimise your operations if you have never used them before.

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