Negri Bossi plastic injection moulding machine

Plant List

At Plastic Supplies Dudley Ltd, we currently have 9 injection moulding machines, ranging from 55 tonnes to 480 tonnes, with a maximum shot weight of 1355 grams. All of our machines are accessible via overhead crane facilities to make tool changes are smooth and as quick as possible.

Machine Shot Weight Tie Bar Min
Mould Height
Mould Height
Negri Bossi V 55 84 grams 310mm x 280mm 120mm 350mm
Negri Bossi V 70 109 grams 315mm x 360mm 120mm 400mm
Negri Bossi VS
245 grams 460mm x 410mm 150mm 500mm
Sandretto Nove
230 grams 455mm x 455mm 155mm 560mm
Negri Bossi VSA
491 grams 530mm x 460mm 170mm 550mm
Negri Bossi V 270 760 grams 570mm x 630mm 250mm 700mm
Sandretto 270 873 grams 665mm x 665mm 230mm 730mm
Sandretto 380 1250 grams 650mm x 650mm 200mm 730mm
Sandretto Nove
1355 grams 740mm x 740mm 250mm 850mm

As well as the moulding machines, we also have the facilities to personalise your products with our hot foil printing and pad printing machines.

Hot foil printing machine

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